Friday, 23 June 2017

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Connect CD/DVD On Smartphone | Is It Possible?


Click On The Image To Watch The Video.

Most of you guys are thinking about is it possible to connect a CD/DVD drive to a smartphone?. So, I'm here to answer that question. I will show you how you can connect CD/DVD drive on your android smartphone. If you want to watch the video, then simply click on the above image.

So, follow my instructions :-

Step 1 : Take your android phone and CD/DVD drive.

Step 2 : Connect one end of the USB cable that comes with the CD/DVD drive.

Step 3 : On the other part of that USB drive, you can see two USB ports. Connect One USB cable to your Android smartphone using an OTG cable

Step 4 : Connect other USB cables to a power source using a power adapter.

Step 5 : Before turning on the device, you have to install 'MLUSB  Mounter' app through the play store.

Step 6 : After that turn on the device and insert a disc on that CD/DVD drive.

Step 7 : Then you can see a new CD drive option on your Android device. Click on it and now you can browse every file on that inserted disc.

That's all, It's just simple than you think.

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Enjoy! 😉

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