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Find and Block People From Your WiFi On Android


WiFi Blocking App

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Do you want to know if someone is connected to your WiFi without your permission? Then you are at the correct place. WiFi Spy detector is a tool to quickly identify other devices that are using your WiFi network and causing your network speed slow, and further remove WiFi freeloaders after detecting. This app can be also used to kick off people from your WiFi network to prevent stealing WiFi. This app also allow us to save a list of known devices with custom name so that we can easily find the unknown devices.

Advantages of this app ;

  • Simple and easy user interface. Clear design to show detailed IP address of each connected device.
  • Also we can to block freeloader devices away from your router.
  • Designed especially to scan your WiFi connection .
  • Scan your WiFi network in seconds .
  • Works with all WiFi routers
  • Display details of connected devices (Ip Address/Mac/Device Name etc ), 
  • Easy to mark the connecting devices as "Known" or "Stranger"
  • Reminder for you to change the WiFi password immediately when strangers are found
  • Display Wired&Non Wired Devices connected to your network.
  • Shortcut to turn on/turn off device WiFi function
  • Low demand on system resources

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