Friday, 23 June 2017

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How to Send Blank Messages on WhatsApp


Click On This Image To Watch The Video.

So, lets have some fun with whatsapp by sending blank messages to your friends. Here I'm introducing a  new app that allows you to surprise your whatsapp friends by sending an empty or blank messages, as we all know that we can't send empty message in whatsapp but with This app can do it with easiest way just by click on send button and then choose your whatsapp friend to send the blank message to him. This is easy to use because it's not complicated , has just send button allows you to send the empty message to your whatsapp friends. To watch the video of this app from my YouTube channel, them simply click on the above Image.

So, follow my instruction;

Step 1 : Install 'Empty' app

Step 2 : Open the app

Step 3 : Click on 'Send' button

Step 4 : Select any of your contact

Step 5 : Click 'Send'

All done.  So simple, Right?


App Download Link :-


Enjoy! 😉

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