Friday, 23 June 2017

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New AUTO REPLY Trick On WhatsApp 2017


Click On This Image To Watch The Video

WhatsApp becomes a important part of our daily life. Sometimes its quiet difficult to manage Whatsapp messages. So, how it feels if a app do automatic reply to your WhatsApp messages.

WhatReply is an application that provide to you a mechanism to auto respond to WhatsApp Messages in case you are Busy. All the instructions about this app is given my YouTube video, click on the above image to watch the video.

So, follow my instructions;

Step 1 : Install 'WhatReply for WhatsApp' app from playstore

Step 2 : Open the app and grant all the permissions which is required

Step 3 : Turn on the auto-reply service 

Step 4 : Then enter your custom reply for your whatsapp on the box below the on-off switch.

Step 5 : Set the time frame for the automatic reply.

Step 6 : Turn on or off the auto-reply feature for the groups.

All done, Now try it. . . 


App Download Link :-


Enjoy! 😉

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