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Best Way To Track Your Car Using Android Phone Or PC For FREE


Car Tracking Free

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Best & easy way to track your vehicles for free without buying any gadgets. Car Watchman is the first Android app which is designed specifically for locating and tracking vehicles. This application goes beyond just locate your vehicle but it also integrates extra features that provide you the security and confidence that you could not imagine having in the palm of your hands.

What do you need? 

  • Your mobile or PC
  • An extra Android device (can be low cost or use your old android phone) to install in your vehicle: GPS and Android 4.0 or higher. 

So, follow My Instructions;

[ "Mobile 1" (your phone) to be able to monitor and get the positions of "Mobile 2" (mobile which will be installed in the car)]

Step 1 : Install 'Car Watchman' app and create an account on your old smartphone which you are planning to keep that in your car. (Make sure you have turned on the GPS and mobile data)

Step 2 : From the main screen press "Transmission mode" to go to transmission screen and click on "Press Here"

Step 3 : There is a blue text box. Enter there the name of the user you want to grant monitor permit (the user name of “Mobile 1” to whom monitor permit will be granted which has to a different account).

Step 4 : After that click on 'Add' button. (Once the system verifies that the user is correct, the name of the user who will monitor “Mobile 2” will appear inserted in the blue box and this may take a few seconds)

Step 5 : To start sending the location of “Mobile 2” turn on the “Transmission activated” switch.

[ Now you have turned on the transmission mode]

Step 6 : Keep that phone inside your car all the time (you can connect that phone on the charging port of your car to avoid battery draining.) 

Step 7 : If you want to track that car through your smart phone, install the Car Watchman app on it and create a *new account on it.

Step 8 : Click on 'Track Down Mode' option and add that phone which is inside the car through 'Monitored Vehicles' option.

Step 9 : Then click on "Activate" to enable the monitoring of that vehicle.

Step 10 : Click on Show maps and you can track your car easily.

Step 11 : If you want to track that car through your PC then just login to and click on 'Web Tracking' option and log in with the same ID to that phone inside your car.

That's all. . .  Simple and Easy,  Right?

The Download link is down below


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Enjoy! 😉

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