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Android O: Everything you need to know


Android P Update

Google pulled off their latest major OS by taking advantage of the solar eclipse to announce a cool name for Android O. Android 8.0 is officially known as Android Oreo. The over-the-air (OTA) update began rolling out to supported Pixel and Nexus devices first. The sad fact is that most of the other devices will not get it anytime soon. Android O has a lot of cool new features than previous versions of Android. So, here are some of the new features Android O gives you.

Faster boot times

As we know faster boot times are usually associated with a step-up in device hardware. But Android Oreo will bring those benefits to all phones that run the latest Android O. This OS not only makes the booting process faster but the apps on your phone can start running faster too.

Picture in Picture (PiP) mode

As we already seen this feature on the iPad and some of the third-party Android apps, this feature lets you start a video in one app, then hit the home key and it will shrink down into a smaller floating window having some playback controls. You can slide the video around for best placement, then simply slide it off the screen to terminate. Picture-in-picture mode was actually introduced in Android 7.0 Nougat, but only for Android TV devices. The main advantage of this Picture in Picture mode is that it allows you to watch YouTube videos and use other apps.

Restricted background activities

The restricted background activities in Android Oreo is a power-saving feature that de-prioritizes app that is running in the background, which helps your battery possibly last much longer than it currently does on older Android versions.

More audio performance

The all new Android Oreo made some improvements to Android’s audio subsystems. This gives more support for additional Bluetooth codecs for the devices working on this OS. This will change how Android handles audios.

Press-to-hold options

If you are trying to copy an address or a place name so that you can paste it into Google Maps and find its location, Android Oreo now makes it easier. The all new Android Oreo OS can now recognize which app is best for the string of characters you're working with and shows you the exact app on that screen itself where you copied the text.

Notification bubble on app icons

Many of us are already seen this feature on iOS and also in some third-party launchers like Nova Launcher, Android O brings notification bubble to app icons on the home-screen as a native Android feature. Unlike iOS, this won't tell you how many pending alerts you have not seen within a given app, but knowing where to direct your attention.

New amazing emoji's

Google is now changed the old emoji styles from older versions of Android and is now making rounder face icons for Android Oreo. Also google has made some new emoji's in Android O.

Octopus Easter egg

As we seen on older versions of Android, there will a easter egg mini-game comes when we long press the android logo, but in this new version of Android comes without a new easter egg mini-game to try out. In Android O, its like octopus that just floats around the screen.


This Auto-Fill feature helps you to quickly log into your favorite apps at supersonic speed by auto filling the login details when you open a login page. So, Android O will remember your usernames and password, to quickly and easily jump into apps on your device if you give permissions for accessing this details.


As Google pushes a lot of cool new features on their every new OS updates, Android Oreo is also the sum of many smaller changes that make the OS to give better performance and easier to use. This OS update is began rolling out to supported Pixel and Nexus devices currently and will be available to other android devices soon.

Enjoy! 😉

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