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KDM KM-303 Bluetooth Speaker By Higadget | Unboxing + Review


KDM Speaker

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Sometimes great things come in small packages. This is the KDM KM-303 Bluetooth speaker by HiGadget. It might not look much considering how tiny it is, but trust me you won't regret having this KDM Bluetooth speaker by HiGadget as a companion. This Bluetooth speaker gives you the advantage of superior sound along with music portability.  

So, going over the physical build, the speaker is located on the top of this device which is covered by a metal grill. On the top and the bottom side, it's covered by a rubberized material which looks great and smooth as well. On the middle section, there is a plastic ring like structure where we can find all the physical buttons, input slots, and a LED light indicator. On the bottom of this speaker, we can see its brand name and also a rubber grip which is quite useful.

Features :- 

  • Wireless
  • Supports audio from laptop, smart phone and any Bluetooth device
  • Supports FM Radio
  • Memory card slot
  • AUX Support
  • External audio device connecting support.
  • In-Built Mic for calls
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • LED indicator - (Red - Charging, Blue - Working)
  • More than 7-8 hrs of decent battery life

Controls :- 

  • Power Button
  • Next track Button - Short press to change music, Long press to Volume Down
  • Play Pause Button together with hands-free calling switch
  • Previous track Button - Short press to change music, Long press to Volume Up
  • Mode switching Button - (Bluetooth, FM radio, Audio input)


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Enjoy!! 😉

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