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Make Your Home Automatic With This Gadget | Unboxing + Review

BlackT ElectroTech

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What you feel if your light senses your presence and turn on automatically, also turns off when you don't need them? Cool right?. So, today I'm introducing a unique gadget made by BlackT Electrotech that is designed to make your life easier. This gadget is a Microwave/Radar Sensor that will detect your motion and do its job as fast as possible.

Why Microwave motion sensor?

  • Quick response time 
  • Higher accuracy than PIR 
  • Don't affect temperate 
  • Wide range
  • Suitable for any climate
  • Detect outside glass or other thin material 


  • Operating Volt: AC 220-250V 50Hz-60Hz.
  • Load power: Up to 1200W Max
  • Ambient Light: 3-2000Lux (Adjustable)
  • Load type: Incandescent lamp, LED light, CLF, fans, etc
  • Reach: 1-8m(radii.), adjustable
  • HF system: 5.8GHz CW radar, ISM band
  • Detecting distance: 0~8M
  • Transmission power: <10mW
  • Detecting Angle: 360 Degree.
  • Installtion Hight: 2.2-4 Mtr
  • MotionDetetion Speed: 0.6~1m/s
  • Power Cusumption: 0.1W (static) & 0.4(Work)
  • WorkingHumidity: less than 93%RH
  • Delay: 8 Seconds -12 Minutes (Adjustable)


  • 1 x Microwave Sensor unit 
  • 1 x Instionas Manual 
  • 2 x Mounting Screw



Product Link :- http://amzn.to/2fp2LsJ


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