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Intelligent Gadget For Your SmartPhone | GeekCases ZipCube


Smart Charger

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An Intelligent product from GeekCases company with Smart recognition technology for efficient and safe charging. The IntelliCharge communicates with your device and determines the possible output that can be pumped to your phone without straining your battery and the 2 USB feature helps to charge multiple devices or simultaneously. Advanced circuit design, comes equipped with 

1.) Overvoltage Protection 
2.) Short-circuit Protection 
3.) Over Charge Protection 
4.) High-Temperature Protection. 

The charger is made from high-grade Flame Retardant ABS as an additional safety feature.Premium flame retardant material that enhances the safety of the product.Maximum Charging Speed is 2.4A on any single port and combined output is 3.4A.

This GeekCases ZipCube Adapter comes in two color variant,

1. Ceramic White,

2. Piano Black,


  • [2 Ports / Indian Plugs / 3.4A - 17 Watts / 2 x IntelliCharge Ports] - GeekCases ZipCube has Innovative technologies that combine to deliver universal, safe charging-regardless of device or cable. IntelliCharge detects your device's specific charging requirements & increases output to compensate for cable resistance.
  • [Powered by 2018 IntelliCharge Features] - Latest 2018 Smart IC powered with IntelliCharge on 2 Ports. If there are 2 devices plugged into the smart IntelliBalance and IntelliCharge feature will kick-in to distribute the power according to the device requirement.
  • [Enhanced Safety Features] - ZipCube series chargers from GeekCases comes equipped with Overvoltage protection, Short-circuit protection, Overcharge protection and High-temperature protection. Smart IC chip prevents over-voltage, over-charging & short circuit when charging the devices. The charger automatically disconnects when the device is fully charged.
  • [Wide Compatibility with most Devices] - Compatible with wide range of devices like SmartPhones, Tablet PC, iPhone, iPad, MP4 Players, PSP, GPS, BlueTooth devices, etc. with AC Input from 100v-240v allows it to work in most of the countries and achieves a wide compatibility.
  • [Premium Quality with 1 Year Replacement Warranty] - GeekCases ZipCube Series Chargers Comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. All our products follow high standards of quality control, elegant, understated, simple yet exquisite style. Every charger passes through 49 production process, 26 safety processes & 72 Hours of continues tests as part of the quality control process, thus making our chargers extremely safe and reliable.



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