Thursday, 22 February 2018

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Increase Any WiFi Range Using Any Android Device Upto Infinite Kilometers

Expand Wifi Range

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Even though we are using a high-end router and a good smartphone,  we may sometimes face some difficulties due to weak Wi-Fi range. So today let's talk about how we can increase any Wi-Fi range using any Android device.

How to use 

Step 1 :-  Install & run this app on the first Android device connected to WiFi which you want to extent.

Step 2 :- Do the same on the next Android device which is not connected to WiFi. Make sure WiFi is enabled on these devices.

Step 3 :- Watch as the devices connect automatically and enjoy full range Wi-Fi

How it works 

This Application shares any WiFi connections among other devices so that even devices out-of-range can connect. The user device automatically connects to nearby hotspots created by other devices and shares its own connection with others to create a WiFi mesh network of smartphones.


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Enjoy! 😉

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