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Upgrade Your Laptop's Trackpad For Free


TrackPad Problem Fix

TrackPads are the biggest problem with most of the laptops that we mostly use. It doesn't matter whether your laptop is new or old or expensive or cheap. I also had this issue on my Dell expensive laptop which is packed with all the top-end hardware but the trackpad always works like a cheap one before I done these procedures which I'm going to discuss here. If you want to watch its detail setting video, you can watch t by clicking the image on the top or click on the link down below.

What we are actually doing?

Before we get started, let me explain how this all works. Usually, our laptops are working with ELAN or Synaptics driver which is something like a crappy software. All we are doing is installing the Windows Precision touchpad drivers and replacing the Synaptics or Elan ones. Precision Touchpads are a combination of a multitouch physical trackpad and the drivers that power the gestures and movement. 

Why we are doing it?

As Microsoft improves its Windows touchpad support, improvements can benefit all devices with this Windows Precision touchpads. Devices with normal touchpads will continue to stay the same, as the laptop manufacturers won’t work on updating and fine-tuning old drivers. Windows Precision touchpad drivers are accurate, sensitivity, movement, and gestures of it is way better than Synaptics or Elan.

How to install Windows Precision Driver?

Step 1:- Check your Device Manager and find out whether your laptop is working with an ELAN or Synaptics driver.

Step 2:- Download and then run the exe file given down below.

Step 3:- Open Device Manager.

Step 4:- Double-click Mice and other pointing devices.

Step 5:- Right-click on Synaptics/Elan device.

Step 6:- Choose Update driver.

Step 7:- Click Browse my computer for driver software.

Step 8:- Select the option Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

Step 9:- Click on Have Disk

Step 10:- Choose Browse and then navigate to the folder where you extracted the Precision drivers.

Step 11:- Select ELAN inf or Synaptics inf file.

Step 12:- Click open and choose next.

Step 13:- On the update driver warning popup, choose Yes to install it.

Step 14:- Restart your laptop.

Step 15:- Enjoy. 😉

After completing all these steps, you can navigate to Settings > Devices > Touchpad, and you can see at the top 'Your PC has a precision touchpad'. Below that you can see many new gesture controls and configuration abilities that you definitely love.

Trackpad problem fix

Trackpad problem fix

Trackpad problem fix

Trackpad problem fix

Trackpad problem fix

Trackpad problem fix

Trackpad problem fix

Trackpad problem fix

Trackpad Problem Fix

Enjoy! 😉👍

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