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GTX 1080 Vs RTX 2080 | Which one should you upgrade ?

Nvidia, The leading brand in the graphics card industry is always keen to come out with major yet promising upgrades to their ever famous graphics cards lineup. The entire Tech world mainly gaming world has been eagerly waiting for a major upgrade since 2016 since their GTX1080 and 1080Ti Pascal Graphic Cards. To make matters more exiting  NVidia introduced their new Flagship graphics cards GeForce RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti. 

With the all-new revolutionary ray tracing technology and artificial intelligence, NVidia claims of up to six times the performance improvement. If you have an older GPU, the decision may be easier, but gamers who already have last generation’s GTX 1080 flagship will have to weigh any potential gains against the cost. That is to say  For gamers who already own a high-end GTX 10-series card, ray tracing will be the biggest draw to NVidia’s new cards. Ray tracing is a feature that NVidia has been working on for ten years, and it allows game developers to render scenes with photorealism in real-time by showing how light is absorbed, refracted, or reflected off of objects. This cinematic effect is popular on computer-generated imagery in movies, and now it’s being done dynamically throughout a game thanks to the built-in RT Cores.

Even though it is a great step towards flawless 4K Gaming the gaming community has to wait for some time before they can take full advantage of the all-new revolutionary technology. Because Game engines will need to use these features to make NVidia’s claims of ‘6x performance’ increases anything like a reality. But real-time ray tracing will certainly have a big impact on the kinds of improved graphical effects we’ll see in games over the next 1 year. Before real-time ray tracing support arrives though, the RTX 2080’s performance boost should still please owners. Reports suggest that the new card is capable of running 4K games in 60 frames per second

RTX 2080


The new RTX 2070 (starting at $499), RTX 2080 (starting at $699), and RTX 2080 Ti (starting at $999) are all powered by the company’s Turing architecture, and designed to offer more power and prettier cinematic effects in games. That extra power comes at a cost. Nvidia’s price premium for its Founders Edition cards, which have a three-year warranty and are overclocked by default, pushes the RTX 2080 Ti up to an eye-watering $1,199. 

GTX 1080


NVidia has released a performance comparison data for 4K Gaming. They have used the following Rig Specifications for this benchmark, For both RTX 2080 and GTX 1080. They have also confirmed that they have used their own testing process to achieve these results.

Processor: Intel Core i9-7900X 3.3GHz CPU
RAM: 16 GB Corsairs DDR4
Motherboard: Asus X299 Rampage VI Apex
OS: Windows 10 (v1803) 64-bit
NVidia drivers: 411.38

NVidia Performance results comparisons for various games GTX 1080 VS RTX 2080

Even though we can see the dramatic improvements in performance it is unlikely that we would see any real word difference until support for real-time ray tracing arrives.

Final Verdict

If you already have a GTX 1080Ti We would say Hold On. You are immediately not going to see any significant performance difference or the kind of performance that NVidia is claiming, For The games that support the technology or make use of the full potential of the new RTX cards are not there yet. If you own an older graphics card and planning on upgrading to a newer one then the new RTX could be an option since it can definitely give a boost for the existing games .and can be a graphics card for the future. You must also Consider the fact that these new RTX cards are highly priced. The more wise option would be to go for the GTX 1080Ti with the currently available discounts and sales and wait for the next upgrade from NVidia and Games with Ray tracing Support.

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