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Make Money By Doing Nothing Special + Proof Added


Make Money By Doing Nothing Special

There have been millions of so-called money-making strategies are out there now. Most of them are either not legit or require hours of work. Some of them are clear fraud as they charge membership fees and charges and you get little to no return. So, is it really possible to make money online by doing nothing special? Or just by doing our daily online activities.?

The answer is yes.  I am going to introduce u a legit promising way to make money with very little effort. All that you have to do is to follow these 3 steps and you are on your way to make some really good money. I have also added solid proof of payment that I had received through this unique program with very minimal effort.

It is all possible through the revolutionary referral marketing/affiliate program from blindlyshop.com A program that pays 10% commission on every sale you generate. What makes the program unique is that every customer you bring in will also get a 10% discount. This unique feature will help you bring in sales easily as you are able to offer your own discount for a person who is looking to by a product, for instance your friend is looking for a product and you know that the product is available on blindlyshop.com just refer him with a 10% discount so he will be happy while you make a solid profit of 10%. There are so many other ways to generate sales which we will discuss below. Interesting, right. On top of that, it is very easy to get set up and start rolling. You simply have to follow the three steps below.



Just follow the link Below and it will take you to the page with all the information you need. 
Sign Up Link -https://blindlyshop.com/pages/refer-earn

just click on the (CLICK HERE ) button and fill in the details. Make sure that you use your official PayPal email to sign up for easy payments or use the same email to create a new PayPal account. You also have the option to add this email as a secondary email to your PayPal account to ease the process. There are other ways to get paid, like direct bank deposits, gift cards etc. I recommend PayPal as it is easy and fast. 

Make sure you select a strong password per the required specifications while choosing special characters for your password remember to choose !@#$%_    As these are the only special characters currently supported.

After that, you can use those credentials to log in to your account.
Once you log in it will take you to the dashboard where u get access to all your data.


The second step is getting your unique referral links and product links and it is very easy.

Log in to your account and scroll down you will see your referrer id details. Click on the copy icon to copy your unique link and share on your social media. Share with your friend. have them share. also, u can simply share the discount code on your social media channel as a unique discount that you offer anybody enters the code or use your link will get 10 % discount and you will earn 10% commission.
You can also share specific product links or collection links and earn a commission.

For this, you may go to any product page on blndlyshop.com and copy the link
Then you can create a product specific or collection specific referral link, by adding the following to any product URL from the store. For instance

Collection specific Link


Product specific link


So, if your referrer discount code was andrew, replace ?ac=MYCODE with ?ac=andrew.

That is to say, A product or collection specific link will look like

Collection specific - : https://blindlyshop.com/collections/value-electronics-and-accessories?ac=andrew


Product Specific :- https://blindlyshop.com/collections/value-electronics-and-accessories/products/new-mygica-android-2g-16g-smart-tv-box?ac=andrew


Step 3 is sharing your link

Simply share on your social media like Facebook twitter Instagram YouTube or if a friend is looking for a product simply give him your link, so u get paid 10% commission while you can offer your friend a 10% discount.

This is free money that you can make without much effort and it is absolutely free to join.
Check out the solid proof of payment below from blindlyshop.com
Amazing right.

Then what are you waiting for

Click the link below and start earning

Payment Proof

Blindlyshop Dashboard

Blindlyshop PayPal Payment

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