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Top 10 Best Apps for Android - Free Apps 2019 (November)

Today we 10 impressive Android applications which gave me a moment of "WOW". This post will help you to take your Android experience to the next level. These 10 android applications are new to play store and I have tested them well to make sure those apps are working fine. So, let's get right into the content.

1. Bubblee

The first app on our list is Bubblee. Bubblee is a nice-looking and beautiful battery charging animation app to impress your friends. Bubblee will display a large number of beautiful small bubbles moving on your screen while charging. You can also set this animation running while not charging as well.

There are many kinds of objects available on this app to show while charging. You can personalize the bubbles charging animation by modifying colors of bubbles, the size of the bubbles, etc. The very useful thing about this app is you can set battery alarm alerts for a full battery or low battery notification.

2. Mbit

The second app in our list is Mbit. This app is a kind of video status maker app that provides a variety of songs and videos with beat wise particle, spectrum, visualizer, equalizer, Dj flash & wave music. you can make unique impressive video status for birthday wishes, festivals and greetings with beat wise particle effects with any of your favorite song clips.

The special thing that really amazes me about this app is the way of customization features. You can customize everything that shows in your video. 

3. PixelFlow

If you are a Youtuber or a video maker, PixelFlow app will really be going to help you. In PixelFlow android application, there are so many unique custom text animations and backgrounds created beautifully and professionally. You can customize any of these animations with your desired text as per your needs.

With PixelFlow android app, you can produce very complicated animations of text effect as well as an animated background with the templates available on this app. PixelFlow app follows flat design 2D animation and motion graphics principles to animate your needed text effects.

4. Unlock Clock

Next on our list is the Unlock Clock app. This app is a part of Google Digital Wellbeing Experiments, a platform to share ideas and tools that help people find a better balance with technology. Unlock Clock android app is basically a live wallpaper app that shows you how many times you have unlocked your phone in a single day.

Unlock Clock helps you track your smartphone usage, by counting and displaying the number of times you unlock your phone in a day through its live wallpaper interface.

5. Walkie-talkie communication

Walkie-talkie communication android app is a completely free walkie-talkie app that allows you to communicate quickly and easily with your friends through your smartphone. The working of this application is quite simple. simply go to the same radio frequency that can be manually set on this app on all the smartphone, push to talk and that's it. 

The same frequency allows the application to identify to which all devices the voice has to be transmitted. So simple to use and very much effective for fun purposes with your friends.

6. Watermark Manager

Watermark Manager is an incredible android app that can be used to remove or add watermark to images and videos. With this app, you can add watermark to images or videos using any text or images with different options including animating the movement of the watermark. 

Watermark Manager can also suppress a watermark by selecting its area( and the app can remove it by interpolation its surrounding pixels. This technique works almost perfectly on alpha-blend watermarks. Also, you can crop the region outside of the watermark area, this works perfectly for media that has a logo at edges of it. The simple interface makes it very easy to navigate.

7. Wall X

Wall X is a wallpaper application that contains a plethora of beautiful 4k & HD wallpapers. The main thing about this app is, it provides adaptive wallpapers based on the resolution and the type of display of the phone that you are using.

The collection of wallpapers that Wall X contains is huge. This app also allows you to conserve battery power and internet traffic, and use the app at maximum speed without losing image quality. The app works on a dynamic loading algorithm which saves the data if few wallpapers are already present in the downloads section.

8. Notch Design

I believe notch is a bridge from a big bezel phone towards a full-screen display. Now most of us are using a smartphone that has a notch. Notch Design android app can change how your smartphone's notch looks like. Now you can completely redesign your notch and this is best for those who love to customize their phones.

The concept is simple, notch design app use system overlay to show notch design around your phone's physical notch. There are plenty of notch designs available on this application.

9. Screen Translate

Screen Translate is an application that uses the text displayed on your screen and translates it to any preferred language.  The interface of this android app is so easy to use and the translated words are almost perfect. This app also support more than 100 languages.

10. Logo Maker

Logos are the face of a brand. So, those logos should be more beautiful and has to look professional. Logo Maker android application is a free tool to create many amazing logos right from your android phone itself. There are many ready made 5000+ original logo templates to choose from.

There are a lot of options on this Logo Designer app to show your creativity with a huge collection of graphic designing elements such as typography, different kinds of shapes, abstract type logo images and symbols that are available on this application.

That's been it. These ate my top 10 best android free apps for this month. I hope you like this content. If yes, visit my Youtube Channel from here :-

Thanks for being here. Have a wonderful day. 😉👍

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