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Top 5 Professional DSLR Camera Apps for Android! | ft. Gadget Kada

Top 4 Professional DSLR Camera Apps for Android!

Welcome to the series where I show you some of the Best Top Professional DSLR type camera apps for your android phone. This list has 4 unique camera apps that allow you to completely control each and every setting of your smartphone camera. These apps do need Camera2 API support on your phone for its working. So, let's get straight into the camera apps list.

1. HedgeCam 2

HedgeCam 2 is based on the Open Camera source code but it does have some more features compared to Open Camera application. HedgeCam 2 brings a new smartphone camera control experience where you can control each and every camera operation with its inbuild tools.

HedgeCam 2 even allows you to shoot in log. We know shooting in log gives more control over each pixel of the video which in turn makes it easier to color grade the footage in the post-production.

App Link :-

2. A Better Camera

Now you can forget about having dozens of camera apps on your smartphone. A Better Camera android application does everything you need. This app has an easy interface even a person who doesn't know much about photography can easily understand it.

This app has many features like you can control the ISO, shutter speed, exposure bracketing, you can take night mode photos, etc. If you are starting into photography, this one is for you.

App Link :-

3. ProCam X : HD Camera Pro

ProCam X is a camera app that will turn your phone like a professional camera with full control over all settings like exposure, focus, white balance, ISO, etc. This app will convert your mobile photography to the next level.

With this app, you can take better photos and record even in high resolution. All these features are packaged in a small compact size and clean interface in this app.

App Link :-

4. HD Camera

HD Camera is very easy to handle android camera app. This app has many beauty effects and amazing filters you can choose with. This application has an intelligent face detection for realtime camera filter.

For PRO-level usage, there are many features like focus modes, different scene modes, color effects, white balance control, ISO control, and exposure compensation/lock.

App Link :-

5. Footej Camera

Footej camera app is a brand new app with a clean looking interface. This app gives you the ability to choose focus and exposure from different areas. This feature really helps to take perfect photos.

You can also control the ISO, shutter speed like the previous apps. The great benifit by using this app is, you can shoot in RAW format which gives you full flexibility during editing.

App Link :-

So, these are the top 4 professional DSLR camera apps for your android. If you like to watch more of these contents, simply stay subscribed to our youtube channel. Thanks for being here. 

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