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Don't MISS These COOL WALLPAPERS For Your Android 2020 - Top 5 Wallpaper Apps For 2020


Top Wallpaper Apps For 2020

Wallpapers are the main attraction of our device home screen. How beautiful they are, it will attract all the eyes into it. So, here are the Top Wallpaper Apps for 2020. You will surely find your needed wallpaper apps from this list for sure. All the wallpapers apps are free to use.

1. Walldrobe

Walldrobe is an amazing wallpaper application that has the largest open collection of high-quality free wallpapers. This app has a beautiful and simple interface to scroll on. The coolest thing about Walldrobe is, it shows you the information of people who took that image and even the camera settings that they have used to click that image.

This app is one of my favorite ones because it also has the wallpaper that I am searching for. All the wallpapers are perfectly arranged in different categories. Definitely check this out!!

App Link :-

2. Crisper

Most of the wallpaper applications are limited to what the creator has made, but Crisper apps give you the ability to customize all its wallpapers. Crisper app gives you 2D customizable illustrations as well as customizable free wallpapers.

This Crisper app also provides you with very useful editing tools to edit images and or illustrations with inbuilt editors. You can control the brightness, contrast, crop, blur and much more.

App Link :-

3. Particle Constellations

If you are into the world of live wallpapers, Particle Constellations application is the one for you. It is a live wallpaper that shows randomly flying particles that form constellations in space. This application really makes your home screen superb.

With particle Constellation app settings interface, you can tweak colors, size, speed, density, frame rate and even add a background image. This app uses only a native theme and does not contain any unnecessary resources that drain your battery.

App Link :-

4. Betta Fish

Betta Fish is a live wallpaper app that has swimming beautiful fish. If you like aquarium fishes or beautiful colors this is a wallpaper that matches perfectly on your home screen. Betta fishes have many types of shapes, colors, details.

This live wallpaper responds with touch. If you drag the fish or its food to any side on the screen, the fish will follow it.

App Link :-

5. 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper 2.0

You have seen this 3D parallax wallpapers before. It was a huge hit. This app is the second version of it. This 3D Parallex Wallpaper 2.0 gives your home screen and lock screen a real 3D depth with gyroscope controlled parallax backgrounds.

This application doesn't drain your battery much because it uses only very fewer system resources like the gyroscope on your phone. So, if you want a 3D look on your home screen, try this app.

App Link :-

So guys, these are the top 5 wallpaper apps for 2020. I hope you have found your perfect needed app from this list. Thank you for being here!! ;)

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